This image is called Aether, and it appears to be water and Fire made into a 6 pointed star. Not really standard for Aether, but honestly there doesn’t appear to be any standard symbol for. So lets look at it.

Aether is what is above the terrestrial sphere, the fabric of the Universe perhaps, The 5th Element, Quintessence. Aether was postulated by medieval alchemists, Greeks, Buddhists, Hindus, the Japanese, and the Tibetan Bon. The Greeks believed that Aether was the air that the gods breathed, and there was even a Greek God named Aether.

However most of the classical greek philosophers subscribed to the 4 elements as terrestrial building blocks, and there was very little discussion of Aether.

Still the idea persisted, and you see mention of Aether up to the 19th century.  Luminiferous aether was believed to be the carrier of light, before the Michelson-Morley experiment in 1887 demonstrated light did not require a medium for propagation.

So what is Aether. Einstein seemed to suggest that this is another name for the fabric of the 3D universe, and I like this idea. We all of us, all of matter twist and ride this Aether. It supports us and we contort it and develop filaments to each other and all things using this fabric. The Supra guidebook suggests that Aether is what “happens”. The beginning, action, the explosion and subsequent fusion of properties to create matter.

The symbol that is used in the picture is symbol for male and female , alchemical fire and water. Or the hermaphrodite as in The Devil card for Robert M Places’s Alchemical Tarot.

This is an interesting card because it’s not the devil that is the hermaphrodite, but the captive king and Queen of the Lovers card. The hexagram the symbol of the sex organs fire and water, again the happening.

I like the symbol, and I like to hold it in my mind when I am looking to make something happen in spell work, not thinking of the theory but make it real, make it active. I see in front of me and I imagine it active with the fire and water air and earth, and then I send it out with as much force and desire as I can muster. As the Supra handbook suggests, to the place where your potential becomes actual.

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